Saturday, 18 February 2012

Kindle Love

I got my kindle for Christmas from Rob, i always thought it would be a way of reading and knitting. Knitting seems to be all consuming lately, though i am learning to drop back a little and allow myself time to sit and scrap and as of this week read.

My gorgeous cover is from Amazon which is Cosmo Cricket, yep my guy is awesome!

I always knit on the bus well depending on the size of the person who sits next to me on the bus (true story) but this past week, I took my kindle and got really into it again. You have to be careful as with knitting where you sit because is someone is being too loud then its hard to concentrate.

 So i now take my kindle everywhere, this is me at work on my lunch hour.

After work at home

On a saturday having my usual yummy soup and a bit of reading time.

back on the bus

and i have even now taken to reading as i make the stupidly long walk up to work

and a few pages in bed.

So there you go I appear to be addicted, I always thought that the books would be too expensive but there are soooo many thats are 79p, 99p etc obviously some of the 'bigger' books are a bit more but even if the book is £4 you are pretty unlikely to finish that in say a month so £4 a month isn't too bad is it?

So if you are debating one i say go and get one if you can.

I am having a very chilled out weekend, my chum Natalie is on her way round, so need to do a quick tidy round and then the afternoon sitting and knitting i think. Completely stuck with one of my projects so hoping she can help yay!

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x


Mel said...

I have been debating getting one - we may be moving abroad soon and I think its so much mroe compact. But I do love the tactileness of a book!

Rachael G said...

I have had my kindle for a while( well I am on my third one Oops), I love my kindle!! And I have to say I love the gel skin, I have wanted one for a while but I haven't got one as I have a kindle cover that helps my kindle to sit up whilst I read. But I think I will purchase one just for the hell of it lol

Libby said...

I love my kindle too. Your cover is gorgeous. No idea how you read and knit though - I'm nowhere near that skilled :-).


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