Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hi all, so I thought i would pop back and show you some more of the pages i have been doing. As i have mentioned before when i tried to put my 2011 album in some sort of order there were huge gaps.

Like this photo, i think i have a tiny pic in my doc 2011 but this deserves a page of its very own and a frame on my wall.

Me, my mam and my sis.

We all like knitting we do! lol

This very same weekend we dropped by to see Elijah who gets more gorgeous every time we see him, i really wanted to document how cute Rob was with him.

These were random papers i had had for ages but as ive not bought anything for ages i have been going through my old stuff but i really like this colour combo.

Jump forward to December and my 29th Birthday! Im 30 this year, how did that happen?

I like to do a age page every year and do a little review of what is going on in my little life, again i have used old stash.

So there you go, hope you like them.

Ive got a bit of knitting planned this evening and some trashy TV.

Have a nice evening xx

1 comment:

Jackie xxx said...

Love how you have done these pages, love how you combine the colours, manufactures and embellishments and they just work.

Thanks for sharing, enjoy your Trashy TV. x


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