Friday, 10 February 2012

Having something to say

So last weekend I started scrapping, it was about 3pm when light was fading, and you know i couldnt stop. I have to say this hasnt happened for a long time, for a long time i had totally fallen out of love with scrapping. I did my bare minimum of my Doc 2011 but that was it.

And you know i didnt care, i didnt have anyone to answer to i could just sit and knit if i wanted to so i did.

However last Sunday i scrapped and scrapped and scrapped, in record time might i add.
I have found it works best for me when i have something to say, so let me give you an example shall i?

forgive the naf photos.

So this is just a pic of me and rob but instead of a oh we are in the park etc

I journalled about how excited i was that it was 2012 and how i had been waiting for it etc so it made the page more interesting to me and made me think oh what else do i want to talk about.

This is technically the whole point of scrapping isnt it, to remember things, to talk about things.

So there you go dare i say i have dipped my toe back into the scrapbooking waters and its pretty darn nice.

Will be back soon with more pages

Rach x

1 comment:

Jackie xxx said...

Welcome back love, your've been missed. Looking forward to seeing your other pages. xxx


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