Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fab kinda saturday

So Rob was working ALL weekend this weekend so i had to find a way to entertain myself.
I had a driving lesson, my first in the day time for a long time, its so much easier than after work in the dark.

So after my lesson I headed to town to meet Heather since she left work (with me) i think we have done a great job of seeing each other its normally about 4-6 weeks which i think is pretty good going.

I did a bit of knitting on the way to town.

We tend to meet at Nero in town.

We then decided that we were pretty hungry so headed out in the snow for a bit of lunch.

We went to our favourite place

It is well known fact i do not like green stuff! yes stuff, so i promptly put it all on heathers plate when she was finished!

After a lovely lunch i headed for the bus where the snow had really come down.

By the time i got home the snow was thick!

We have never seen our house covered in snow! Well we had when it was getting built but you know nice when it has a roof on and all.

I settled sown for a cosy afternoon with a chick flick and a bit of knitting.

and the snow kept coming.

So yes pretty darn great saturday.

Hope yours was fun too

Rach xx

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! I've only just found your blog but looking forward to having a little nose around :) Your scrapbooking posts look great! Jenny x


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