Friday, 24 February 2012

Days off

Hello, ahh friday night! Finally, tough blooming week! This friday night is extra special as I have the whole of next week with off with Rob. Can you believe it, we never have more than a day together at any one time unless we book time off so yay!

So last weekend was pretty nice

Saturday was my 'alone' day, so after a early morning driving lesson

Nats came round

I was stuck with my Lauriel I feel like I'm always stuck these days, i think its because i have so much on the go I'm not focusing on one project!

Lovely natalie helped me for ages seriously, bless her, we sat and watched The Switch which is one of my favourite chick flicks!

she even sorted my knitting out as i got on with my baby blanket.

Later on in the day i got a call from Rob, fancy a chinese tonight?

Chinese or Chow Mein to be exact is my favourite meal ever, i can eat it any time of the day, i had it for breakfast on new years day actually yum yum.

So after my chinese off i went with my Lauriel, we decided i needed a million stitch markers in order to keep track, i wish i had listened earlier.

So sunday came and as did my 'day' with Rob, I got cracking with my blanket and got it finished.

I printed 100s of patterns out, mainly baby ones

Rob enjoyed a bit of sunshine with the bunnies

i sorted through my layouts and put 2012 in month order, (ooopp! i of course mean 2011)

i took pics of my Lauriel

we took 1,000s of sunny photos of the bunnies which i will post separately, and this pic of my and he, forgive my lack of make up or clean hair, i think its quite cute.

So that was last weekend it was pretty darn nice.

I have lots of bloggy things to blog, I have some nice little plans for our week off together no going away but fun mainly wedding related stuff.

Right I'm gonna sit and wait for my tea to cook!

Have a nice friday night all xx

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Kirsty said...

Wow! You have loads of layouts for 2012 already! Good on ya :)


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