Saturday, 25 February 2012

Baa Ram Ewe Season Launch etc

So I have mentioned Baa Ram Ewe loads of times, it is my LYS (local yarn shop) I try to make knit nights but these driving lessons take over my life sometimes.

So Thursday was the season launch, i have been to the last few, it is also SALE day, now this year is the first time in 3 seasons I've not gone up on my lunch hour. I have stacks of yarn/wool whatever you might call it.

But off I went on thursday night, 

they had some lovely new summer yarns, lots of cottons which is perfect of the summer babies I'm knitting for

Before i knew it my little bag was full, more on that at the end of the post.

Ann Kingstone was their guest speaker and brought lots of lovely wooly things for us to look at as well as her new book.

After a bit of a mix up in my journey home, i eventually made it home.

This was my dinner, a hot chicken sandwich, a pack of buttons and a glass of milk, it was jolly nice.

So yesterday I got a text from the library to say a couple of books i had requested had arrived.

So off i headed, geez its pretty here! But a bit of a hike on my lunch hour!

I have had these 2 patterns favourited on Ravelry for the longest time!

And then they were mine, well until 16th March lol

So Rob picked me up from work so i was home for like 5 so i made the most of the light and took some pics of my new purchases.

I love this purple, i made Leaflet in it, which is one of my favourite knits of 2011.

So this was half price (crazy cheap) so i grabbed myself 2 balls.

i got 3 in grey

I got a couple of the new Sirdar cottons, thought this would be a cute striped hat.

Erm i may have had some other online purchases arrive this week.

I know its a lot for a week, but its not like its wool wool and therefore expensive.
Cottons and acrylics is how i go for baby knits, you know knit to what your funds will allow.

Im not a snob about it, i would like fancy fancy wool but i can't afford it so this stuff makes me happy too. Sorry rant over!

So as part of my week off I am going to sort through my stash, i know i have some bit of the Kool Kotton but i need to see actually how many, Ravelry is telling me 7 in one colour but i know thats right so i think i need a sort.

So there you go, I think its the turn of a bit of scrapping next isn't it? Im trying to take it in turns i swear lol

Rach x

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