Friday, 6 January 2012

What else?

So what else have i been up to? Loads and loads! After our hectic crimbo we had a fair few hectic but good days over new years, insane amount of photos, i'm sorry!

So on NYE I met Heather for some city centre friend time!

I got the most beautiful blanket for my birthday, seriously how lucky am i?
I got some fabby xmas presents too.

I did a bit of sale/birthday/xmas money shopping and headed home to pack as we were going up home for a few days! yes days not weeks, this pile also didnt include the bunnies which we also took up home with us lol.

I opened more birthday presents when i got there.

we did some sitting and chilling

under my blanket of course

and then it was midnight! 2012 had arrived! I have been waiting for it to be 2012 for literally years, i always told rob in a very none pressure like way i wanted to get married in 2012 so yay!

poor rob worked all between xmas and new yr apart from my birthday so he was pooped and also stole my blanket.

1st Jan- we were up early to visit Elijah and our friends, thats his present hes sat on we got him a aquadoodle!

Then we raced back home as robs parents and my granny/sister were coming to my parents for a soirée , yes we are a fan of that word.

did i tell you i got a Kindle for christmas from rob? well i did and i love it along with my gorgeous Cosmo cover, i can now read and knit hurray!

After everyone left we went to the pub to meet up with one of my school friends who now lives in Sweden, we are trying to make a point of meeting up with friends who are coming to the wedding and meeting there partners etc.

So this is Ste 

Anyone tired/lost/bored yet?

So 2nd Jan- The 3rd was my grannies 80th Birthday so my sister arranged for the whole family to go for a meal i think there are about 20 of us, rob had to swap some days so he could make it.

So 100s more photos- oh and can I add my granny sadly lost one of her teeth at our soirée how is that for timing and it was her front tooth, bless her.


Granny got a Kindle for her birthday

Rob gave her a lesson

we attempted some group photos

See loads of us!

we went back to my aunties crazy gorgeous farm house up the road

Then got back to Leeds and watched Sherlock.

3rd- A very dark rainy journey to work, but thankfully rob had to be in early so drove me right to the door

i had a bit of kindle/knitting on my lunch

then completely flopped when i got in, the day had really taken it out of me, so we watched a couple of Red Dwarf episodes and i promptly fell asleep crazy early.

4th- Rob had day off so came home to all the decorations all packed away!

blooming nora that was a long post!

Anyone make it to the end?

you deserve a medal!

Safe to say i am looking forward to doing nothing this weekend, poor rob is working all weekend to make is 2nd jan back, but im planning on not leaving the house.

Im gonna play at my new desk, more on that soon

Thanks for stopping by
Rachel x


Sharondoubleknit said...

I did! Sounds like you had a fun holiday. I also got a kindle and am loving it.


Nicole said...

haha! I just found your blog through Heathers, what a lovely blanket! What's my reward then, I made it to the end :p

It's nice to read about other bees!


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