Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Desk

So I have been moaning about my craft room for ages, and yes i know loads of people scrap on the floor but to have a craft room and not to like it then something is very wrong. So with my birthday pennies i went out and bought a desk, well i call it a desk, its a table but thats what i wanted.

I had had a fancy desk with shelves and stuff but what i wanted was space, just a long table with SPACE.

So thats what i went for! All i got was the table top which was 150cm (it fit in the car) and some legs!
The draws were very nice but were £44!

My whole desk was £28

I really wanted more light so i put myself in the window!

Im using my old old desk as shelving which is naughty but you know!


So there you go, im aiming to sell my big corner desk i used before, which is still in the room with the whole world of stuff on top of it so i could take this tidy photo.

So im planning on spending some daylight time here today, catch up on Doc 2011- think im on Novembers little pages so quite close.

Right thats all 

Catch you later

Rachel x


Julia said...

Your new desk looks fab! The room look completely different. Hope you enjoy many happy scrappy hours in there x

Northern Monkey said...

I think using your old desk as shelving sounds sensible to me! Your craft room is lovely :)

Libby said...

The desk looks great. And I love how you have it up against your old desk. It looks like they are meant to go together. My poor desk is still covered in my December Album stuff.


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