Thursday, 5 January 2012

2011 Knits

So I had a quick look at my Ravelry page and i appear to have done about 55 knits of 2011, thats impressive right?

So I made my first garment, this was quite a tricky first garment

First jumper, i have since made 3 more plus 3 baby versions

first pair of socks

now what was my hardest knit? I dont knit things that are that hard and its something i need to work on, but this was a absolute pain

I am not a fan of knitting things in pieces and putting it together, it didnt help i did one of the fronts wrong and had to start again!

Also this tiny cute baby cardi was also loads harder than i thought, i thought i would make loads but nope! Just the one!

Now this is my favourite knit of 2011- and its my Leaflet, its cute and i want another one.

So how about the rest?

So yeah quite a bit right?

No wonder i dont scrap i can make clothes man! Yes im ignoring the fact i have a degree in this very thing lol but still i can KNIT CLOTHES!

thats cool right?



Rachael Elliott said...

Fab knits Rachel, love the baby jumper!

Claireliz said...

That's a lot of knitting, are your needles lightning powered? & I still love that owl jumper.
C xx

naomi said...

55 - that's more than 1 a week - well done!!


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