Thursday, 5 January 2012


So last friday (30th) I turned 29! Crazy huh! So here are a few pics of our day.

It was just me and rob for my birthday, our only one over the xmas 'break' that was just me and he.

It rained all day long but we still had a nice day.

presents presents presents!

and done lol


Mille came for a birthday visit

i got a new dress from my sis

we eventually decided to go to Ikea for my birthday lol odd i know but i got some pennies so i went to buy a new desk/table for my craft room in an attempt to like it again!

we made a rainy walk over to TGI for some yummy food

yeh photos of the 2 of us are hard to get

rob wore his new xmas scarf

It made us think about our lovely Florida holidays as we were in TGI all the time!

So then we went to blockbuster and got some dvds and headed home.

Not before building my desk but more on that another day.

I got my first Jellycat for my birthday yay!
I got loads of lovely other things, like a mini globe coz i never know where anywhere is, dvds, dressing gown, moisturisers, candles, photoframe, biscuit tin, postcards loads of lovely things.

Right thats all from me for now

Back soon
Rachel aged 29 and 6 days!


lillypip said...

Happy birthday :). That jelly cat is so cute, I bought one for my rabbit daft daughter at Xmas and she adores it. It's super plush.

Nicola said...

Robs wearing my scarf! It goes lovely with my new blue coat ;)


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