Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hi all, I have meaning to come over here and wish you all a happy new year for days, 4 actually lol but these are busy days. I had planned loads of blogs in my head, its been my birthday, new year, lots of things to do, so i will start of with some posts on my christmas knits.

So I havent been able to share any knitting with you for ages and its all i have been doing, so here are 1000s of photos of my xmas knits in progress.

So yeah ive been busy, i dont have loads of photos of people in the knits but i do have some finished photos.

Sorry i should have done a collage here but quite frankly if i dont post this now i never will.

boneyard shawl

fetchings x4

roll brim baby hat

really warm hat xlots

from iceland with love

owlet, which appears to have gone missing in the post! gutted!


noro striped scarf

It feels like there should be more. I started in October i think, i have 2 that didnt quite get finished, and by didnt quite i mean not a hope in hell but you know you cant win them all.

So there you go, i will be back soon with all the other things i was gonna blog about

thanks for stopping by
Rach x

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Rachel - can you let me know where you get the pattern for the fingerless glove thingys please. They are lovely and would like to make them for pressies TA


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