Wednesday, 28 December 2011

4 Christmases

Hello, So how was everyones christmas? Mine was fabulous, thanks for asking.

So I thought i would stop by and show you some pics of our christmas.
It was a bit hectic, but great fun.

This was the first year me and Rob spent christmas eve together in our own house, it was really nice but felt odd, but nice odd.

the bunnies were super excited.

Christmas No 1- We had to get up super early to fit anything in so didnt take pics, well we have one of Wilma

Christmas No 2, Next we headed to Robs parents to open presents. Its about 8.15 and we were dressed and ready and out the door.

Christmas No 3- We then headed up the motorway to my parents house.

Rob in his new scarf (more on that later)

Christmas No 4- Next stop was my sisters house which is in the same town as my parents, she was 'hosting' this year so off the 9 of us went.

Me and my pops

We do like a good group photo, this is one of the best we have had.

me and my sissies

my big sis and my bro in law

our little family

our little family plus the boys

After a great day we headed back to my parents, and i did what every normal person does on xmas night, i wound some yarn lol

So we drove back to Leeds late on so crashed when we got in.

We had a little lie in and headed to the Sale, we picked up a few things and headed off to Robs parents for Christmas day No 2/5

Then back to put our feet up!

Look through our presents

I got so many goodies, i am a very lucky girl!

Rob got me a Kindle which is awesome, I havent really read much lately coz im always knitting, and only got one pair of hands, so im aiming to be able to prop it up and read while i knit. And i can have all my patterns on there as well yay!

So there you go, how was your christmas??

Rachel x


Libby said...

Wow, I got tired reading about your 4 Christmas'. Sounds wonderful though and you certainly got lots of goodies. My Christmas was just a little bit different to yours.... hanging out by the pool in Fiji :-).

Sonia said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us, it's wonderful to see Nicola happy ;)


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