Sunday, 15 January 2012

Best 2 decisions we ever made

Yesterday 14th January 2012 was a special day, It has been one year since we moved into our house!

A whole year can you believe it? We cant, we love our house.

Rob very much wanted to own a house before we got married, while i stamped my feet wanted to get married, but alas i see what he meant now.

So here are a few pics of way back last year when we were all setting up.

This feels like donkeys ago.

I would post photos of what it looks like now but you now we live here now and its messy lol.

So what was the other best decision we ever, well..

our 2 gorgeous bunnies also turned one yesterday, how funny is that?? 


I shall be back later today with some seriously cute pics so i dont overload you now.

Yay for Birthdays!



faith76 said...

So exciting buying your first home and how time zips by so fast!

Leah x

Hi, I'm Vicki said...

wow that seems like forever ago in blog land, gorgeous pictures though.
I have a quick questions - does your ravelry sidebar update itself or do you have to do something to make it update? *confused*


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