Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Plan 'o' Action

So 2012 is here and Im trying to make a plan of action for my knitting, i always have tons of WIP as you can see from my sidebar but I'm trying to focus!

So this is my plan, I'm aiming to have 3 projects on the go (i realise i have more than that but i am focusing on 3)

1- So I need a project for the bus! Something little, easy, and preferable done in the round.

So currently it is this, a pair of socks that has been on my needles since October! October! how bad is that?? But i am now on my 2nd sock, i got all of this done on the bus and my lunch hour, quite chuffed with that.

2- I need something a little bit tricky and a little bit bigger to do in the evenings but that is too big really for the bus.

So this is my Daybreak, it is quite a big shawl, bit trickier than the usual ones i do but quite easy too once you get going. Im using some Knitpicks yarn, I have waited to make this for a while and enjoying it though these rows are long.

3- I need something big, like a card/jumper or something

so for this i have my blanket which i am loving. I have another one lined up for my friend thats having her 2nd baby in May.

I have to say i am struggling not to cast on new things, but i have a few things i have lined up for my next round of items.


medium- in my Edinburgh yarn

big- Lauriel

So we will see if i can keep up and stick to my plan.

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x


Jo said...

I love the colour of the socks, I'm addicted to sock knitting.

Sam Findlay said...

Good luck with your plan, i like a plan! all your wips look lovely too!

Susanne said...

Hoping you get your WIP completed so you can wear those lovely socks and enjoy the the feeling of having accomplished your goal with the other things. I know how it is, I get the itch to try something new. It is like when you see what everyone else is working on and you want to do that too, or looking at the groceries in someone else's shopping cart and thinking their groceries look better than what you have in yours.
Susanne :)


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