Sunday, 15 January 2012

1,000 Bunny Photos

So my beautiful bunnies turned one yesterday so to celebrate i thought i would show you 1,000's of photos of them through out 2011.

They were born in Jan 2011 and we got them in March, so this is a year (9mths) in their life


oh man they are all completely out of order but you can see them getting bigger right?
This was yesterday, they are in their indoor cage in the patio and peaked out the door into the frosty garden as i put the bin out lol

Ah they are blooming cute right? We completely love having them, they are seriously gorgeous, they dont much like sitting on your knee/being held but seeing them play together and sit and clean each other is the cutest things i have ever seen.

So there you go.

Happy Birthday Wilma and Olive!

2 bunnies who brighten up our lives every day!



JO SOWERBY said...

happy birthday bunnies. i looooooooooove the bunny pics and they certainy have grown and are sooooo cute I could eat them up, well not literally,
jo xxx
ps i miss my bunny xxx

Susanne said...

You have so many pretty pictures of the bunnies that you ought to consider making a calendar. Thank you for sharing.
Susanne :)


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