Thursday, 17 November 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend was awesome, here is how it went.

Wilma did a awesome job of 'helping' me clean them out.

I then picked up my wedding dress, thats right! Everyone says its early but anyway i have it.

On sunday we drove up home as it was my mams birthday on Saturday.

Rob did his usual computer updates for my whole family

We had a yummy sunday dinner, with both my sisters and my brother in law 

We had a 'surprise' cake for my ma!

Then we went to see Elijah, i havent seen him since the end of August :(

He is super into books at the min, it was super cute watching him and Rob read together.

There was also a little bit of playing too.

I used my new favourite app to do a bit of collage, 

Then i came back home and my mam gave me a pom pom lesson

i eyed up my sisters basket of stash!

And a little pic, i likes this one :)

Then we went to my grannies for a visit and then at 9pm we started the crazy foggy journey home.

Its pretty hard to fit everything in when you are only home for the day, but with all my driving lessons and everything i cant go home for the full weekend at the minute. But hopefully that will all over soon.

So there you go, I have plans with lovely Heather this weekend, im super excited about just sitting and knitting and walking and just sitting, oh did i mention sitting??

Bring it on

Rachel x


Nicola said...

Hehe you can see my knitted owl family on dads desk! Love the the pic of our snb group x

Claireliz said...

looks like you had a fab weekend Rachel & happy birthday to your Mam.
c xx


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