Wednesday, 16 November 2011


So it is time we got sort on our spare rooms, when we moved in certainly in one of the rooms we just not chunked everything in but things didnt have homes. So i got on a bit of a mission last week, quite out of the blue but i was on a mission so off i went.

Please do not be too horrified by these images

First i cleared out my summer shoes for winter ones

Then i sorted through my wooley draws.

I went through all my books and got rid of loads but kept my favourites

rob got to work as soon as he got in too

our wardrobes in our bedroom and super deep, i pulled out all the clothes that had been there for donkeys

and put loads of old albums in there and all my old SI, ah Scrapbook Inspirations, those were the good old days

So there you go this is a bit of a working progress but i am slowly getting there.

Right thats all for now, hope your week is going well 

Rach x

1 comment:

Nicola said...

Ah yes, said redundant books are now on mams floor instead of yours!


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