Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas Knits

And so this is the season where knitters must make the decision do I do christmas knits or not. I am choosing to, however am very aware i totally lost my knitting mojo last year having knit the whole world last year.

I am trying to do anything do big but my list might beg to differ

Yeah it freaks me out if i look at it for too long lol

I do pretty much have most of the wool so there for keeping costs down, learning to drive and weddings are stupidily expensive so certainly having a 'smaller' christmas this year.

However i did have to purchase a few bits in order to do this as well as a few other bits for xmas presents.

So whats in there?

this yummy yarn, which i have used before last xmas this but is a fun colour

and im planning on making this Harf, its super cute right?

Im planning on making these Cupcakes they are called

but i do always seem to go back to the Fetchings which i can do without looking at the pattern/thinking

I have started a Christmas ripple for my godson as i still havent done a replacement for the one he lost.

I am have purchased this pretty yarn for myself for some sort of pretty shawl/scarf thing

I am wanting to make this

using this yarn below which is a chunky version of the riot above.

I have 2 balls of aran for a Owlet for my friends baby.

aiming to do Elijah a striped version

so there you go tons to do!

Are you making anything for anyone for xmas?

Right must get to it, first i need to say a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mam!

we are going up tomorrow for a visit, ive not been home since August! Shocking i know but then im a busy bee lol

Have a great Saturday 

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heather said...

It is so hard to accurately pan what you can actually do before Christmas. Doing the same thing in my house right now!


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