Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Craft Room thoughts

Just lately I really haven't been enjoying my craft room. I am extremely lucky to have one i know but i havent been 'feeling it'.

Since I went to Jenny's house and saw her beautiful room it led me to...

ponder some pretty things.


I think ultimately i will get rid of my corner desk and sell it and get something more like Jenny's which is from Ikea and try and fit it by the window.

Anyone seen any nice desks/rooms/storage lately

Rach x


Nicola said...

Maybe yours just needs a little tidy sis! :P

Sarahjpacker said...

Oohhhh I'd love a room like any of them, including yours!!! I had to give mine up when I was pregnant with my son, as his need was greater than mine!! Sadly!! I now use the dining room and I hate it!!!! I've even considered a shed in the garden lol!!

Julia said...

I've always admired Sarah Youde's...sigh....!!
Hope you get yours sorted soon :)

Gem's Crafts said...

My other half designed and built my craft desk, which has only just been properly finished - so now I'm trying to get organised and decide where to put everything!


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