Tuesday, 8 November 2011

There is a nip in the air

Which means one thing? Its nearly christmas, so as i was scrolling through my photos one day and i came across all the photos of the fabby new things i bought in the boxing day sale. I recall being full of cold (as i always am) and standing in the rain of the Next sale. Whilst I knew i had bought stuff its exciting to 'see' it again and I'm even more excited that in less than a month i can make my house all pretty and christmas like!

Oooohhh  I am excited, everything gets very cosy and christmassy very soon.

The start of which my chum Heather is coming to Leeds for a visit next weekend and we are gonna watch christmas films and knit all day long and all night because we are having a im nearly 30 sleep over!

Let the good times roll

Rach x

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