Friday, 18 November 2011

Paper & Glue

So I have slightly lost my way when it comes to scrapping for well a while now with my attention being focused on knitting. I am slowing dipping by toes back into the paper and glue field and what could be better than a fabby weekend with my favourite scrappy gal pals in a fabulous cottage in the country, not much i dont think. But i have to wait a whole week for that.

So this is what i did quite randomly did one night last week, a really old photo thats been on my magnet board for a while coz i like it and some new paper and bits.

That camera chipboard i have had for about 2 years and now it has a home.

This page a did a couple of weeks ago, i love this pic of Wilma, she is such a fluffy head.

I have decided my new scrapbooking goal is to stop using kraft ALL THE TIME for backgrounds so i am trying to use neutral backgrounds but not just card stock, so i have a nice new stock of useable backgrounds yay.

Right im gonna get off to bed now coz i am zonked!



Libby said...

Love the layouts. I need to challenge myself to not just cardstock for the background too.

Rachael Elliott said...

Fab pages Rachel! Nice to see you scrapping again :) xx

Claireliz said...

Great pages there Rachel.
C xx


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