Wednesday, 23 November 2011


So this past weekend was all kinds of awesome, sometimes you get to the end of saturday and thing man i never got this this and this done but this one was fab. Here is how it went.

Me and Rob both had the day off woo! For some strange reason (stupid wheelie bin men) we woke up dead early randomly decided to go shopping!

So by 9.15 we were there in the shops shopping for Wedding Rings! wowzers right!
Mine is all ordered and rob saw a few he likes yippee

We had  few mins to go to the Disney shop, man i miss not having one in town, and i miss the American Disney shops the UK ones are not a patch on the US ones no fair!

By about 11 we were done and hot footed it to Country Baskets to meet Natalie for her to 'get us in' ( its carded like Costo) we werent looking for anything in particular but we got a tad carried away in the fake flower section and got some for our bedroom. Not this one coz it was £6 lol

Next we flew (not literally) to look at washing machines as ours has just died, did a quick trip to Asda then got home with 10mins to spare before Heather arrived.

As Heather has mentioned on her blog I am a pretty busy gal and we arranged this day donkeys ago, seriously im booked up for all of december and a good chunk of January!

So the plan was simple we would sit and knit/hook that was all, oh yes and christmas films there needed to be xmas films and lots of them.

She liked Elf first coz its flipping awesome.

I snuggled under my Amy Butler quilt and Heather under her yummy ripple. I love days like this where you know someone enough not to have to 'host' i didnt make her a cup of tea once! I may have boiled the kettle but she just helped herself and brought her own tea bags! Like seriously lol

So there we sat from about 3pm- Midnight

We ate a mountain of pizza

Heather learnt that in our house when you finish your drink you put it on your head!

Yep thats how we roll in our house.

So more sitting and pj time

nothing like a multi photo 

I love my xmas cup

Ah lovely lovely lovely day!

Cant wait for the next one!



Heather said...

I'd just like to clarify that Rob was involved in the pizza eating as well and we did not scoff ALL of that between the two of us!

jennifer said...

Sounds like an amazing day! Love the pjs!

jennifer said...

Sounds like an amazing day. Love the pjs!


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