Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Red Wall

So following on from my awesome saturday I had a interesting Sunday. I had maybe the scariest driving lesson ever in some CRAZY fog.

But first lets back track to friday morning at 8.10am

I got the early bus (the one i should get to get to work on time but never make it)

I picked up a Dulux booklet thing and thought ooohhh pretty.

We had discussed putting wallpaper up but my dad kinda talked us out of it, wall prep, etc etc so i had a bee in my bonnet buzz buzz.

So i forwarded the above photo to Rob at lunch time, and said can we paint tonight.

He said i dont want to but you can! Oh ok then!

So i talked him into taking me to B&Q

he talked me into getting pricey paint, coz the 2 coat stuff we didnt last time was a paint.

FYI this Once stuff is worth its weight in gold!

So back to sunday morning, whilst Heather  had to help herself to breakfast me and Rob moved some furniture.

So 2 hours later im back from my lesson and tape up the plugs, Rob had long since gone to work and Heather nearly home.

For some reason i only had about 2 feet of manoeuvring room so yes it was tricky

But look it was pretty, It was such a dark day i had to have loads of lights on.

It started it get a bit 'fumey' so i opened the door a little and before i knew it i had a visitor

Well actually i didnt know it i may have jumped a absolute mile!

I got super messy.

But it was done!

Now i just had to sit and wait for rob to get home to help me move all the furniture back.

After we had removed the tape i had to do loads of tiny touch up bits which pretty much finished me off.


We love it LOADS, its super cosy and i cant wait to put the tree up and it be super cosy.

Think it was about 9.30 i got to sit and knit!

So super productive super awesome weekend!

Now tomorrow i shall tell you what i am doing this weekend!

Thanks for calling by


hotpotato said...

love the colour of the wall, it does look cosy.

Claireliz said...

It looks gorgeous Rach!!.

Claireliz said...

It looks gorgeous Rach!!.

Katie said...

Wow - it looks awesome! I wish I was as efficient as you at getting things done! Any tips?


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