Friday, 21 October 2011

Turn a Square

So I dont knit much for Rob, I tried to knit him a hat when i was still in the i will only knit crazy chunky wool, but safe to say if was huge!

Never mind the hat look at the garden! Oh My!

But this is his new lovely hat, he really likes it! Its the might Turn a Square hat which is my Jared Flood, I'm sure i will be making more of these.

Im off to see what everyone else has made over on Tami's blog

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x


Amy said...

What a great man's hat :) Love the striping.

Libby said...

Love the new hat - it really suits him.

erin said...

those are perfect colors to have in stripes!

Kathleen said...

Ooh, that hat is lovely. Great colours and rib. I've heard a lot of good things about that pattern, and I can see why, looking at that hat!


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