Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hi peeps! So this is a new term i have learnt lately via some Podcasts I have been listening to, do you listen to any knitting ones? Im aiming to do another post on the ones i like but do share if you have some you like.

So Startitis is a term used when you want to cast loads and loads of things, so indeed i do believe this is what i have.

So what i have been casting on?

First up is the very popular Turn a Square hat, this is for Rob, this is some yarn i have had for donkeys and donkeys so a tiny dent in it.

What else? oh yes some socks, its been chilly this weekend so i cast on some socks, i was going to go with this pattern but decided its too busy for a pattern so going to knit some plain socks or as plain as this wool can be lol.

pretty yeah?

My $5 Dollars in Paris going looking really good, i have lots of the go so its not getting much attention lately but its looking fab and a easy nice in the round jumper yay!

I have started the blooming stupid chunky winter cardi again, i have a whole post of ripping out photos that make me wanna cry :( it

its now this big and im feeling like i am a long way off!

I am slowly getting there with my Crochet, ive not done any for a while though coz everything else is more appealing at the minute lol, it is a little bit further on than this but i cant find the photo.

So sometimes i just lay everything out on the floor and pick from them, i have a couple of secret knits on the go and things like that, best get the xmas knitting started lol.

My living room floor has looked like this since monday lol

So some more WIP photos of Robs hat, this was last night

and this was this lunch time yippee!

So there you go that is what Startitis looks like, scary isnt it lol

As ever why not pop over to Tami's blog to see what everyone else is making, its fab knitting weather so im sure there will be plenty going on.

Thanks for stopping by

Rach  xx


paula said...

Wow, that is quite a pile of projects! But it does look like that hat will be heading for FO land soon. Best to find a replacement for it! ;)

Marushka C. said...

You have a lot of fun things to keep you busy! The hat looks great -- you'll be casting off any minute now :-)

Meg said... have a lot of wips. I used to do that too. I'd start dozens, but I'd never finish. Hopefully yours all get done! That hat looks like it's almost there.

Nicola said...

This post made me anxious just looking at all those wips, a little more attention required on the blanket please!

Sue said...

I'd not be able to sleep at night with all those WIP's promise not to start anymore til you finish something.....please


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