Tuesday, 18 October 2011

In search

So Saturday I went to some second viewings of some wedding dresses, obviously i took loads of photos but obviously you cant see them, so here is what you can see.

So as I have mentioned before me and my sister are making a blanket for my granny, we are having a few sizing/tension issues we are choosing to ignore it.

This is me and my oldest sister, she has rabbits too and the only other person in the family who would be willing to hold the bunnies, especially naughty Wilma. I like this pic, I dont have many pics of me and Helen so nice we got one just us.

yeah see how puzzled they look (this photo is for you Sharon double knit)

So off we went to the first shop

We then headed to my friends house to pick up Vic who lives near me.

So first appointment and Helen got a bit confused as to who was getting married

she searched through the dresses, FYI Helen got married in 2003!

So first dress re tried on and as we head to the next appointment we drive through Headingly so it would be rude not to go to Baa Ram Ewe, Ive not been for 2 weeks because of stupid driving lessons so it was nice to go.

Vic is allergic to wool but was well impressed with these tiny booties

Helen (who looks very glam here) was confused why she couldnt buy the knitted items!

So time for a quick pic of my mam and her gals, it appears only Helen knew it would be sunny today, i was warm in my chunky jumper and Nicky is always cold as she is still on Auzzie weather hhhmm!

and me and 3 of my Bridesmaids

So we arrived to our next appointment early so we went to the pub over the road. It was crazy warm on saturday certainly for the middle of October!

there was a super cute dog running around called Jimmy


This is me attempting to block out the ugly car park!

I likes this one

and thats my ma

Oh yes this is a new app i have for my Iphone its called Diptic which is a great way to collate some pics.

So I know what you are wanting to know!

Did I find a dress????????


I was pretty sure i found it last week but it was the last dress of the day i tried on after a long day of trying on so I wanted to make sure.


So did i get 'the feeling' I'll be honest i still dont really get it to be honest, I love my dress and can totally see myself getting married in it but i think sometimes you just could be looking for the rest of your life.

But i cant wait to wear my dress so thats the main thing right?

Right I'm pooped! 

Hope you dont mind the photo heavy post

Thanks for stopping by guys

Rachel x


Christine said...

Lovely family pics and wonderful you've found your dress :)

Nicola said...

Yay and a lovely dress it is too! ;)
Helloo to sharondoubleknit!
Ps it was cold

Liz said...

I'm really glad you've found your dress!!

Your other option could've been to knit it!! Have you seen some of the wedding dresses people have knitted? Can you imagine after all the work you didn't like it!!!

Sharondoubleknit said...

Hello Wards, what lovely family pics.

hotpotato said...

Glad to hear you've found THE dress, one less headache.LOL It is a big decision to make, but at least you've made it now. Can't wait to see your wedding pics next year.


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