Monday, 17 October 2011

14 Days (catch up)- photo heavy

So I appear to have completely missed out my 7 days post doh! So i left you on the saturday after i went to visit Heather. So on the Sunday i sorted through my lovely new yarn. Pretty Pretty!

These are the colours for my Grannys 80th Birthday Blanket which im making with my sister.

These are my colours for my blanket which so far has not been touched! Do you ever find you NEED something and stretch your budget to get it and then it just sits there?

So also on the sunday the weather was well crap so after a gorgeous sunny week (feels like ages ago right) i had to dry my clothes in the spare room! Grr

We up our wall art

Monday and Autumn had arrived out of the blue!

I worked on Benjamins Owlet that night.

This is my Tail of Woe cardi so close to being finished and wrong!

Finally it become hat weather yay! 

Oh my gorgeous girls, Wilma says Hi!

We started to light the candles, first of the season

this is our new plant, we have tons of plants in our house, i likes this one

Saturday morning and i get stuck staring at my stash thinking how will i ever get through this!

I hot foot it to town to meet my friend Vic to look for more wedding dresses.

Between the next appointment i stop at the market to buy a bit of cute fabric

Little break to ponder our thoughts.

Little trip back to Vics before the next appointment.

So because i am behind i will do the next week (Last week)

Sunday I finished the Owlet for Benjamin

I baked a quick batch of cookies before my family arrived

My mam sat and put my Tail of Woe cardigan together.

My dad sat in my messy scrap room and contemplated buying our old computer (he did)

Rob was at work on the sunday but when he came home he snapped this lush pic of Wilma

And this one, geez she is gorgeous

On monday night i started knitting a little hat

and i finished Abi's baby hat.

On the walk up to work i noticed the xmas decorations were up.

I started this on tuesday and now its flying along

I did some hooking in the evening.

My lunches look pretty grim

So next month i am meeting up with my scrappy gals and as its so near Christmas we/I decided we should do a secret santa, so this is rob drawing the names

My Jumper went great guns once i got going

I woke up extra early one day and sorted my desk out before work

And then the Ios5 came out so we obvs did that

Friday i braved wearing my Owls jumper to work, i was pretty warm but managed.

I was a little early to work so did some hooking in the canteen.

Then at lunch time because it was quite i took my shoes off and stretched out for a bit of knitting.

And there you go, my saturday needs a whole post of its own.

Hope you havent been too overloaded with my little life lol

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x

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Katie said...

I love these type of posts - awesome to see all your works-in-progress. I'm amazed at how much you get made - you must knit non-stop :-)


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