Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pang pang pang!!!!

Now you all know how much i love knitting, i love it for many reasons, i love that i can see something i like (within reason) and say yeah i think i will make myself one of them. But another reason why i love it is because it makes other people happy. 

As a knitter it doesnt get much better than getting sent photos of cute little people wearing/using things you have made for them. Prepare yourself for some major cute pics.

Laura had the beautiful Abigail 2.5 weeks ago, she has been awesome at keeping me/us up to date with gorgeous photos of this pink little bundle. I love knitting for newborns best of all, maybe small tiny sizes have something to do with it.

When I last saw Laura at Leanne's wedding in August, I gave her a ripple i made for her baby girls, i started this as soon as i found out she was having a girl. I dont seem to get to knit for girls much so i loved a bit of pink hooking.

Safe to say this blanket is well loved, as these photos come through i squeal and show the nearest person to me, she likes it and she uses it now how good does that make me feel? Very!

yes this may be the cutest photo ever

aww pondering

and the lovely Will and his baby girl.

So as i have a mountain of wool all waiting to be used i thought i would make her a little something, i am into quick knits at the min so i made this.

Its tiny and likely to only last a couple of weeks but its worth it for a couple of cute weeks.

So Laura sent me a photo yesterday yay! How blooming cute does she look?

Yippeee! I have many things that are small and cute in the pipeline for this cutie! 

Now a bit of boy talk

My godson Elijah is growing like a trooper, he is 15mths now but to me looks very grown up, i dont get to see him as much as i would like and thankfully my friend sends me photos normally every week.

So another quick project i thought i would do to use up some odd ends i have was this

Its made with super chunky wool and literally all the leftovers i had from all the hats ive made.

My friend Ol sent me this photo yesterday, as they get bigger the photos get blurrier lol but its still super cute and im told he was pulling it off not that it just doesnt fit lol.

I have loads more wool like this so maybe a couple more might be in order.

Now more Elijah, this is the Owlet jumper i made him for his birthday in july, its finally got cold enough to wear and even though its the 12mth size it fits great still.

Now another gorgeous baby boy is Benjamin, lovely Jen's little boy who turned one last week. So i thought i would knit him a Owlet too, i did the next size up so its probably a little big but rather too big than too small.

So there you go a seriously cute bunch of babies that i love to knit for.

Thanks for stopping by

Rach x


Sarah said...

Aww, they are just too cute!!! love Abigail's hat the most I think!! x

Libby said...

They are ALL so lovely, but that little pink hat is esp. cute. I wish I'd known how to knit and crochet when my girls were little. They were given a few handmade items but all were the old fashion plain white type - which is not my style at all. Guess, I'll have keep working on my skills for possible future grandchildren :-).


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