Saturday, 15 October 2011

How do you know?

Hi guys so I'm in a tizz! I have been wedding dress shopping a couple of times! And I'm completely baffled! I don't quite know what I want. Everyone seems to say you will just get the feeling! Now I'm not a erm gushy person so i don't really think I will! So this has led to a bit of scrapping! I find I scrap more when I have something to talk about

So here it is

So today I am going on for a quick try on of 2 which are on the short list! So we shall see, I will be very glad when I can tick this giant thing off my wedding list!

So we shall see!!

Thanks for stopping by

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Liz said...

Good luck and I hope that you do find 'the one'!

As I'm not married and never had to choose 'the one' I have no advice I'm afraid...but I guess it's like anything else that you are choosing to buy, or even when you fall in just know!!

Jenny said...

If it helps, I know *exactly* what you mean! I've spent several months hunting and was sick to death of not finding anything. My end result; mine's being made. I'll admit, it's costing an absolute fortune but I'm so pleased it's off my list! Best of luck. And sorry to repeat old advice, but seriously, you'll know xx

Sarah said...

Lovely to scrap this dilemma in your wedding prep!! You WILL know the one!! My only advice is try on as many styles as you can, my wedding dress didn't look much on the hanger (& wasn't really in the style I thought I wanted) but when I tried it, I loved it!!

Claireliz said...

You will just know, but then you may change your mind, I designed mine for mum to make & whilst we were in the shop choosing the fabric the lady threw in another material & I had to stop & redesign the dress there & then to match this new wonderful colour that i hadn't considered before. Hope you find your perfect dress soon.


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