Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tale of Woe

So i have a little story to tell you, for the past month i have been knitting a cardigan, although i have other things on the go this had a huge amount of my time, and on sunday my mam came to visit and sewed it all together and i tried it on and it looked like this.

Do you know how sad this makes me? erm really really

its supposed to look like this

now i thought the sleeves looked big but i think i have generally knit a size that is far too big for me, the yarn only has 30% wool content so i doubt washing it would make a huge difference. 

So im gonna have to frog it arent i? oh man i really dont want to, nor do i want to leave it because i do want this garment and like now not when it is the middle of winter :(


So i have started a couple of other things lately including the $5 in Paris jumper

it is top down and in the round, so far so good

im using a bit of stylecraft aran, which is cheap but still nice and soft and washing washable.

and what else? well how about a bit of crochet to shake it up?

This is a lap blanket i have started with the help of my super crochet pal Heather, I am doing half and my sister is doing half for my grannies 80th birthday in January, we both are knitters and are pretty new to crochet so we will see how it goes.

I have other things on the go but mostly they are being ignored for now lol

So I'm off to see what everyone else is working on over on Tamis WIP blog 

any advice on my 'situation' is greatly appreciated

thanks for calling by

rach xx


heather said...

That sucks!!! Sorry!!!

And also sorry, but I have no idea what you could other than start over (which no one wants to do!). :-(

Biene said...

Maybe you can save the cardigan if you just make the sleeves shorter?? But it looks like the body parts are too roomy/long, too...
Oh, I really hate it when such things happen... I have once knitted a sweater with complicate cable-pattern and it is much too wide in the shoulders and it looks awful... and I never wear it because I don't like that and I haven't been brave enough to make half of the sweater again... so if you really want to wear it I think there is no other way than to start again...

Amy said...

BUMMER! :( I've never knit a sweater so I don't have any fix it tips...I have a sad feeling frogging might be involved.

karen ( bits and bobs zone ) said...

oh dear !! sorry im no good at knitting, only crochet. hope you find a soloution.

Jude said...

I know this is going to sound scary, but...... cut it up! If you know someone with an overlocker it would be easier, but make it your size by cutting it down. I've done it with machine knitting (and think how much quicker that would have been to re-knit!) It is possible. Not explaining myself very well am I? :-) Yell if you want me to try to explain better? Jude.x

Christina said...

I'm sorry about the sweater! The blanket looks gorgeous though - I love the colors that you are using for it.

Claireliz said...

Oh no Rachel, so sorry about the cardi. I have no suggestions other than the dreading frogging. It's so annoying when that happens, hope you can save it without having to start again.

Liz said...

Is the cardigan correct in proportions?

Have you thought about selling it? Or giving it to someone as a Christmas/Birthday present?

Then just start again on your own cardigan!


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