Sunday, 23 October 2011

Noah and the Whale

So last night me, Rob and my sis went to see Noah and the Whale and the o2 Academy in Leeds.

I have not been to a gig for donkeys, i used to go to loads when i was at uni or generally around that time but Leeds doesnt have a arena (yet) so its always been a bit of pain. It was my first time in the Academy and i really liked it, we got to sit down which is always nice and i could see, well when the stupid teenyboppers werent in the way and it was awesome.

I absolutely didnt take my knitting

oh ok i didnt but seriously it was pitch black while we were waiting so i was super discreet and did a couple of rounds, i obviously stopped when the music was on. I think knitters just have a mind set of it i  am sitting i must knit, its just how we are built.

The band was completely awesome, i have really missed live music, i guess i havent gone not just because of distance but i find other people can spoil it for you, same with the cinema, loud/tall/annoying people, but this venue was quite user friendly.

and best of all we were home by 10 so i didnt some more work on my socks lol

So generally fabby night and a few more pics to add to my October 2011, planning on printing them next weekend after my fun saturday i have planned all ready for the Sarahs Cards retreat, im gonna take September doc 2011 and October to do which might be ambitious but you never know.

Right busy busy must get on

thanks for stopping by

Rachel x

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Libby said...

Trust you to take your knitting to a concert. Love it! Glad you had a nice night out.


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