Monday, 24 October 2011

Crochet Woes!

Now I have dabbled in crochet for quite a while now but never got it 100% i dont know why i guess im just a knitter lol.

So me and my sister had a great idea to make a blanket for my Grannies 80th Birthday in January.

So we got the wool (good old stylecraft) and got going, we tried for ages to make them the same size, we went up hooks, down, this tension and that! Nightmare, now me and my sister arent very alike when it comes to making sure things are perfect. I would rather just wing things and she likes it super perfect.

Safe to say hooking 2 halves of a blanket in different cities is tricky but off i went

at home

in the canteen

more canteen, i was feeling a bit chuffed with myself!

Then a couple of weeks ago Nic came with her blanket.

mine was erm wiggley! 

so we wondered with my mam, assumed it was tension but sure my tension was the same throughout, at this point it was about 3 inches bigger than my sisters, we agreed to carry on.

So knowing she had made crazy progress and i hadnt touched mine i got to work on it yesterday morning.

and then she arrived and got her half out! Oh Dear!!!! It had grown again, she was sure i was increasing but i showed her how i did it, turned, changed colours everything and it was all right.

So there was no way we could now get these 2 to sit together so i had to tear mine out, (the 3rd thing that week).
So Nicola thought she would start me off to make sure it was the same, she chained and hooked exactly the same as she had done originally but even now it wouldnt match up.

So on sunday morning we decided that she was going to do her half and i was just gonna pick up and carry on working on hers! Its the easiest way, we didnt think of it before because we were worried about time but we are quicker than we thought.

Que fake happy photo!

The End



Nicola said...

It was a fake happy photo - this blanket is super stressful! Maybe a crochet expert out there can let us know what the heck we're doing wrong!
PS Looks funny when you call me 'Nicola' lol!

heather said...

That is SO weird!!! I really wonder why they won't line up and am glad you came up with a solution, but yikes!!!

Libby said...

That's so odd isn't it? But at least you worked out a solution. I'm wanting to get started on another blanket. Do know somewhere that gives instructions on the straight lines like you've done? I'm pretty rusty with the old crochet :-)


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