Thursday, 27 October 2011

My new love

Knitting podcasts!

So I mentioned that i have recently become a bit addicted to Podcasts, Rob has been encouraging me to listen to them for ages but i have never really got on board.

I think the couple i tried werent really my cup of tea, but Leanne recommended a couple of UK ones and i have gone from there.

So i started with this one Knit, Spin, Cake, now this podcast is a UK one and not only that she is a northern soul, recorded in Newcastle, this is a really good podcast.

I think what i want from a podcast is sticking to topic, i have listened to a few where they talk about knitting but then talk just as much about wine maybe so nah! But this was is great.

Next up by Leannes recommendation was A Playful Day This one is 'set' in London, and its really great, she talks about finding a good knit night, she goes on little adventures generally great fun.

I had heard about this podcast from the above podcast, this is Subway Knits so as you can see i had crossed over the the American Podcasts, and yes they talk about wool i cant get but i have generally heard of it, This podcast is set in Brooklyn and she talks about yarn shops she goes to which makes me very excited as we are hoping to go to New York on our honeymoon (amongst other places)

So once i had listened to all of those podcasts i stubbled around to find a new one, i was completely hooked by this point, listening not just on the bus and the walk to work but putting them on while i was cooking or just sat knitting/scrapping.

Now Electric Sheep is a little bit different it is again an American one but this one has been going quite a while and sounds very professional, and although I do really like it i do like the charm of the 'handmade' I'll give podcasting a go ones, if that makes sense. None the less a very good podcast and worth a listen.

This one i came across via Subway knits, this is Yarngasm she too is in Brooklyn and they kinda know each other, i love this one, she has a great show. Its great to feel familiar with these people, they talk about wool i have heard of, pattens i know of, and talk about yarn how i think about it.
I have listened to all of these now and eagerly await the next ones.

I got stuck at this point, i tried some more, it seems quite the trend in the US to have 2 people hosting a podcast and while its not really my cup of tea i am getting used to it.

Then i came across Never not Knitting,  it is again a well established podcast, When i find a podcast i tend to go back to the beginning of the year as they will still be talking about patterns i have heard of.

However i believe this one has been going 3 years so i think i am going to go back to the beginning. The great thing about this one is she has guests going knitting stories, she doesnt just do interviews (though sometimes) but fun stories by people like Debbie Bliss, Ysolda etc about funny knitting things thats happened to them. I really like this aspect.

So there you go that is my latest obsession, safe to say i now stalk them all on Ravelry and on Twitter but i am totally loving my new addiction and cant wait to hear the next one.

I hope this was helpful, do you have any favourties, i know there are 100s out there but any you can recommend? be great to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x

P.s I have just listened to the latest A Playful Day podcast and she mentioned me! me! how exciting is that!!!!!

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