Sunday, 30 October 2011

Knit, Chat, Cake

I had a fabulous day yesterday at Jenny's house with Jenny (obvs), Heather, Claire and Emma

I made my train by the skin of my teeth thanks to a change in the system when picking up your tickets!

I had nearly 2 hours of knitting time

Jenny has been working on her house loads and it looks completely gorgeous, i wanted the fireplace the wallpaper, the coffee table pretty much everything

and of course, her gorgeous cats

oh man were they cute.

So we got knitting/hooking, we had some cake

Heather taught the girls some sewing in the ends thing 

We had a tour round Jenny's house, I love her desk this is just what i need as i am planning to get rid on my giant corner one for something like this to sit in the window.

So everyone but me has been rippling furiously lately so they did a bit of a ripple fest photo

We're funny arent we? they look fab right?

Just enough time for a group pic 

Before me and Heather were back on the train, Heather was knitting and i was hooking, funny how things change isnt it. We stopped every now and again to ask each other questions which was nice.

Safe to say i have now started a ripple, let the christmas present making begin.

Huge thanks to my chums for a fab day and to Jenny who was a fabulous host and looked fabulous with your gorgeous baby bump.

Ahh weekends are awesome right?

Rach x


jennifer said...

Looks like a fantastic day, and I'm quite jealous of the ripple blankets, and the cake! X

jennifer said...

Looks like a fantastic day. I'm quite jealous of the ripple blankets, and the cake! X

faith76 said...

Love all the ripple blankets they look fab. x

Claireliz said...

Great piccies Rachel, it was a fab day & lovely to see you again

{ Emma } said...

I had a great day, it was so lovely to see you. The photos are fab! XXX


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