Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Now just when you thought i was a super star blogging every day last week i then fail this week, it has been busy busy getting ready for my weekend away at Sarahs Cards so here are 1,000s of photos of my little life.

So lets start with a sad looking desk, this is another story but if you pop downstairs there is a lovely empty table

ah thats better, so i got started on some of my DT work

i had a little visitor who turned out to be no help at all

then i started making some xmas cards as someone at work had asked me to yay!

I had been looking after my friends daughters hamster for half term, as well as lots of yummy things she also brought me that, im hoping you can read it to save my typing it, safe to say i love it,

I cast on a few things


and this

 Has we had a extra hour on sunday i foolishly stayed up late doing some hooking.

It was super Autumn like on the way to work, pretty huh!

so lunch time i did a bit of this

So i completely paid for my late night and crashed on monday, at this point i had already fallen asleep on the sofa, not before putting the washing on for my weekend away.

and this is when i woke up! Yay! i have completely lost the ability to sleep in so if i need more sleep i have to go to bed early.

However although i felt better the next day i was behind on my list of things i needed to do that week.

I caught the bus home which was surprisingly empty, this NEVER happens, but funnily enough happened today too.

My driving lesson was cancelled (again) so i got to work on the rest of my order for cards

Then i did my hair, speedy speedy

Then packed my scrappy bag, I am traveling light given my new hike to the train station from my new stupid office (yes it is stupid even if i do like the sausages from the canteen)

So there you go.

When i got in tonight i cleared the kitchen table (into a big pile of my scrap room floor) then go to scheduling my DT blog work for sunday, went on a driving lesson, packed some clothes and here i am.

I need some food now and sort out what knitting i shall be taking for this weekend.

Best get a move on!

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x


Hi, I'm Vicki said...

wow you are always so super busy, it's insane!!! what are the things you are casting on? the colours are super pretty. I need to see more pics of your super cute bunnies - i love them!!! (apparently we can't have bunnies, because of the too many cats - LOL)

Libby said...

Love the cards - they are gorgeous. Sounds like you're having a busy (and fun) time of things.


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