Wednesday, 26 October 2011


So I last wednesday i appear to have freaked everyone out with the amount of things i have on the go with regards to my knitting. So this week i have tried to focus in on a couple of things.

So I have been working on my 'remake' of my chunky cardi, It was a nightmare stating this again, look away now if you cant look

I have only so far got the sleeves frogged back and its taken HOURS, its a dark wool and a little bit fluffy its stupid hard work.

But alas i have made a bit of progress, i am going to unwind the yarn every now and again and now it looks like this yippee!

I have to say its a bit dull but it needs doing

So my other knit i have been working on is my $5 in Paris jumper its nearly the right length, this pattern has short sleeves and as its getting a bit nippy i think i will make long sleeves i assume i just knit and knit???

So i of course have other things on the go, including some christmas knits.

So speaking of christmas knits what i have wondered if you knit for someone for xmas do you just knit or do you knit and buy something? So say a shawl or a hat do you just do that or buy as well, im wondering what is right.

Right head over to Tami's blog to see what everyone else has been doing.

However now i am off to TGI with my friends who are in town for the evening, exciting huh? Feel like i havent been out for ages and im excited and super hungry

rachel x


{ Emma } said...

Can't wait to see these on Saturday! I can't have loads of things on the go at once, I'm trying to concentrate on my two blankets in the hope of getting them finished sometime soon.

I don't know how you manage everything you do, I'm nowhere near as productive as you!


Sharondoubleknit said...

Make sure you put some shaping in the sleeves :) Love the way $5 in Paris is coming out.

Sharondoubleknit said...

On the sleeves, make sure you reduce as you knit down. Your $5 in Paris looks wonderful.


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