Thursday, 1 September 2011


So this last week i made a flying visit up the motorway to attend my sisters Welcome Home party, so now i am going to show you a load of photos of people you dont know. Please note one has 19 people in it and they are all looking, god bless self timer!

Fabby Cake

My dad and his brothers

Auntie, Granny and mam

Nicky and grandad 

baby Ethan

granny and great grand son

grandad and Ethan


CAke cutting

demonstrating how good she is at cutting cakes hhmm

laughing at....

my big sis being 'creative' with her posing

family of 5 shot!

So there you go i think i was about home for 6 hours, i even managed to see Elijah and then back to Leeds!

More about my weekend soon, once i sort out a million photos lol


p.s its september which means its nearly a year to our wedding!!!!


beksynormz said...

Even the baby is looking. Great photo!! You must be so pleased to have your sister back xxx

Mel said...

That is a cool cake. It must be lovely to be reunited. Your family is almost like mine except we have one more sister!

Nicola said...

Hooray! Fun! Fun! :)

Claireliz said...

Fab photos Rachel, especially the the one with everyone all looking the same way, looks like you had an awesome time.


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