Friday, 2 September 2011

More to add to the shelf

A you spotted in my last post i have a little collection of hand knitted things, so i have a few more to add.

First up is a ripple blanket i made for Laura's baby, hoping this is the month when we shall get to meet her, i gave this to her when i went to london for Leannes wedding, it went down well yay!

I started this Shalom  in June when i had a couple of days off then picked up again one rainy sunday and just super powered through it super speedy and a cute knit.

this is made with Stylecraft chunky

Now i have made 2 Owls jumpers and really like the pattern so this is my finished Owls with no owls jumper 

Its not super perfect but how is it going to be when i just missed a bit of the pattern lol but i like it and im looking forward to wearing it.

so i am off to pop and see what everyone else has finished over on Tamis blog 

Right i have a list i need to get done tonight so i can add blogging to my list and then tick it off lol (coz we all do it)

Be back tomorrow with a story about Super Heroes!

Happy Friday xx


Nicky said...

Beautiful work!!!!! Your blanket is tempting me to learn crochet. I love it!!!!

autumngeisha said...

Great projects! Your Shalom is beautiful and looks terrific on you.

Liz said...

Some more beautifully made things! I love the colours in the blanket - yummy!

Checking out the pattern for the Shalom right now!

Kathleen said...

I adore the colours on the owls-with-no-owls, such good stripes! And the Shalom is lovely.

Also, your ripple is totally encouraging, I'm thinking of starting a ripple project soon. :)

Rachael xxx said...

Fabulous blanket, I haven't tried to make anything wearable yet, but I do like that Shalom

Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Lovely things. Shalom has been in my favourites since I started knitting but for some reason I still haven't started it - but now you have me looking at it again! :)


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