Sunday, 11 September 2011

Love Wool Love Leeds

Ah 2 things that I love! So as mentioned yesterday there was a big event on at the Corn Exchange in Leeds. I have always loved this building so it felt great to be spending the day there with lots of lovely knitting pals.

Ah the mighty and beautiful Corn Exchange!

So i got down there like 10.45 to be greeted by the lovely Gwen and George, these 2 ladies are super stars and help me nearly every week with one knitting drama or other.

This was the learn to knit area

ohh wedding fair there next week! dont mind if i do!

there are tons of photo of this gorgeous building

serving the customers

there has been a competition at BAA RAM EWE lately for a tea cosy competition, i loved this one.

Rowan 'supplied' some inspriation

more tea cosies 

Nats popped down for a bit too to work on her Lauriel

there were loads of stalls there and it seemed really busy which is good.

Im very pleased to see there are lots of new cute shops popping back up in the corn exchange



lovely george multi tasking, us knitters are great at multi tasking

i love these needles

Herdy were there too, such a cute stall, i got my bag from them at Woolfest.

fancy restaurant downstairs

so this is the whole area, it was a great turn out.

i nipped out for some fresh air and admired this crazy old building

I cant quite remember how many people i taught to knit, it was pretty scary but exciting at the same time, you never forget the person who teaches you to knit right?

Jo making a call to the shop for a price check!

Hannah teaching a newbie

These 4 girls were so funny, they were like, we're knittng, we're like grannys erm.... but they were funny and all took to it quite well.


There you go!

So overall a fabulous day had by all, i got in well after 5 a bit knackered but completely worth it.

Thanks for stopping by

Rach xx


Liz said...

I forgot all about this!!!! I was going to go. However, got a tad distracted as we got our new bunny yesterday morning!!

I really wish I was able to get to a knitting club. I miss not being able to physically chat to people who knit and crochet. Or even to have friends who share my hobby!

My OH gets this glazed over look - as I do when he talks about his hobby!!!

Wessenden Woollies said...

Looks like fun, shame I could not make it

Wessenden Woollies said...

Looks like fun, sad I missed it.

Claireliz said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time Rachel.


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