Friday, 16 September 2011

July Doc 2011

Wow long time no post! Sometimes weeks just escape you dont they.
Last sunday I managed to fit in a bit of scrapping, I finally got my hands on the lovely new page protectors from Sarahs Cards!
I loving this size, most of them are just a photo with a title which makes it much easier. I have kinda been dreading doing my July pages because I know it was a busy mth and would take ages! But it didn't with my trusty new page protectors.

The month was started with a family visit, some 6mth pics of the bunnies, a twin baby shower, a engagement party, a visit from Emily, a family wedding!

-Robs birthday, poorly bunnies, Elijah 1st birthday, Ysolda Workshop, garden DIY, & summer cooking!

I have to say this feels like a million years ago! I've forgot to photograph my main pages but I know I've shown you them, & it's early and I'm still in bed. They were the family wedding and Robs birthday meal!

Right one more day at work then I have 4 day off (Inc weekend) 3 of which Rob is off with me, with rob working in retail we haven't had 2 days together in a row since May! Shocking so I'm excited!

Right time to get ready for work!

Bye for now xx

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