Friday, 16 September 2011

Ah Finished Objects

I have to say i love finishing my knitting projects, and i think i have finished one of my favourite to date.

The lovely Leaflet 

This was a gorgeous knit and im so pleased with it that i want one in red oh and maybe green
wanna see?

I love things with back detail, so this is super cute, its better with a white top underneath so maybe need more photos

I made the sleeves a bit longer and added a button to the pattern but still it was just over 2 balls of Cygnet Wool Rich Aran & its like £3 a ball woo hoo!

Another thing i finished a bit ago and had been sat waiting for a face for a while is this little birdy

I have made it for Lauras baby who should be coming in the next 2/3 weeks, knitting pink stuff is super fun lol

This is a really easy pattern for a beginner and it just flew off the needles, really good for the bus (you know i do like a good bus project or 2,3,4,5)

so there you go thats what i have finished lately.

Im flying along with my big chunky winter cardi 

I now have 4 days off work, one of which i will be wedding dress shopping eeekk! one chilling out, one maybe trip to the park  and driving lesson and one driving lesson and trip to Meadowhall we are excited to get to spend time together yay!

Right im gonna go and update my Flickr account as its feeling sorry for itself lol, maybe a blog revamp too this weekend.

thanks for stopping by, be sure to check out Tami's blog for more knitty inspiration.

rach xx


Hazel said...

I really like your FO :) the sleeves are a nice length too! What a bargain for such a pretty top.

The birdy is adorable too!! very ideal for a little one :)

Sam Findlay said...

Your cardigan is gorgeous and what a bargain! Love the little bird too!

HillyT said...

I love the cardigan and the owl. The back detail makes the cardigan really special.

Claireliz said...

Fab knitted projects there Rachel, love the cardi.

Liz said...

Rachel you are an amazing knitter! Well done on another beautiful knit!!


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