Sunday, 18 September 2011

14 Days

I quite enjoy doing my little 7 days posts from saturday to the next, but i have got a bit behind so picking up from last time so here goes

Sunday started with a lie in

followed by a bit of Sarahs Cards blog work

Monday morning brought a very cold start to the day and the 1st one wearing my coat

Tuesday night, i had my lovely friend Anna round who is getting married in July, i introduced her to Pinterest!

Nothing exciting must have happened on Wednesday

But thursday 8.9.11 ONE YEAR TO GO


then out for a meal with my hubby to be yum!

Friday we had a belated wake for our lovely friend Paul, it was sad and emotional and cider did not help

but lovely heather was there to mop up my tears and drag me along to...

ah one of my favourite places

this is heather being a Ninja

Saturday i taught people to knit

and finished my Leaflet.


Last sunday, i painted my nails with my new grey nail varnish, its No 7 and lush

My friend Vic popped round for like a hour and took some of my favourite photos ever of Wilma and Olive, i have more i will share soon

7.30 monday morning!

tuesday i did some Laika work

wednesday my colleague brought her scrapbook of her honeymoon in to give me ideas

my sister came to stay and the 3 of us went out for tea nom nom!

thursday was a chilly one at the bus stop

friday i got stuck on my knitting so cast something new on lol

yesterday i went wedding dress shopping for the first time with Vic, we stopped for a spot of lunch in-between appointments yum


and went to a wedding fair in the corn exchange before the next appointment.

So there you go thats what i have been up to lately.

Im going to go and do some revision on my Theory Test as its getting scarily close and i cant put my knitting down long enough to revise, i know prioritise!

thanks for stopping by

Rach xx


Liz said...

Love your bunnies!! Need to see more pics!!! Makes me kinda wish we had got 2 not just lonely Sandy but at 4mths he was used to being alone. Besides we had our 1 week anniversary with him yesterday and we celebrated by cuddling and he snuggled with our dog!!! They get on so well!!

Libby said...

Sounds like it's been a (mostly) lovely 2 weeks. Love Wagamama - the closest one is in Sydney so I've only been once :-(. Love the nails - such a great Autumn colour. And how fun to be wedding dress shopping with your Sister. My Wedding was almost 19 years so it's hard to remember what it was like :-).


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