Friday, 9 September 2011

7 days

I meant to blog my little 7 days thing i do last friday but it hadnt been 7 days and i knew i was doing something fun on the saturday and here we are nearly a week later doh! so here i am.

These photos feel like blooming ages ago!

welcome home party obvs

then home to my favourite things, milk and jaffa cakes and snuggly blankets

sunday i bet Heather and Fran (which i have yet to blog about eeekk)

They came back to my house for some erm tidying time (hello olive)

sat night i did some batch cooking inspired by Laura

and some more 

the buns played in the day

i had a sneaky cider and admired my clear desk

gorgeous sunset

ta da
i made tons of soup which is still untouched and out of date in the fridge fail! 

then bit of a disaster! 

then a super sweet card of lovely laura thanking me for her baby blanket.

ah the first day of september was beautiful 

i do love my knit nights, however...

i was in a right funk on thursday so left early and went to bed to watch elf

oh yes and do some knitting

friday finally came so i enjoyed a feast in the garden

saturday came and as did a visit to my new friend (i stole her off vic) to visit rebeccas beautiful twin boys, Jacob and Cameron 

the very happy parents

So that was last week!

just briefly coz now i am late!

Tomorrow sees a fabulous event at the Corn Exchange in town, seriously this place is one of the reasons i always wanted to live in leeds then they took all the cool shops out, stuck a load of restaurants that no one goes to, but now they are trying to revive it again for shops, and there is a awesome event going to be on there tomorrow. Im heading down as are my kntiting chums from Baa Ram Ewe.

I assume there are more details on the website, but learn to knit for free, fun eh?

right im in danger of not having time to make lunch, i have already missed the breakfast making doh!

Hope your week has gone well

rach xx

1 comment:

faith76 said...

That sounds fun - at the corn exchange x

Have a lovely time

Leah x


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