Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hi all so i managed to back it back to update you on my knitting, i have a few more than this naturally but still these are what i have been working on.

This is Leaflet, its a super cute cardi with leaves running down the back, i have just put the sleeves on hold so starting on the body, enjoying it so far and i have been after a purple cardi for a while. 

Now this is a bit of a surprise item but man its doing my head in! As with my recently finished Peacock Shrug this is a knit all the pieces and then stitch them together, turns out i really dont like knitting like this. Nothing matches up and i far i will have to knit the back again, as its a small knit it wont be the end of the world but man i just dont want to.

I am finding some of my knits tricky so cast the above on for a easy bus knit and i have just finished something else which needs putting together. 

I didnt really have anything to knit on the bus today so i thought i would do my swatch for Cria 

Im using Rowan RYC Bamboo Soft  which is yummy and soft but looks like it will stretch so i need to do a blooming swatch lol

So there you go, my sister is coming to leeds tomorrow to go to the baa ram ewe sale and season launch and staying for a couple of days so i best go and get her room ready.

So what are you knitting now?
you can check at Tami's blog here 

bye 4 now xx


Natalie said...

Ooooooh the purple WIP looks like it will be nice, and your yarn for Cria is yummy!
I'm heading to the BRE sale first thing before work, seeing as I no longer have the day off - hope you and your sister have fun there. I'm birthday and anniversary spending - the 7-year anniversary gift just happens to be wool lol! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hooray for knitty! I love the purple, that is my fave color. Best of luck on it!

Spinster Beth said...

Every woman should have a purple cardi!

Nicky said...

I agree with SB ... every woman should have a purple cardi ... but that's because I love purple. LOL!!!!

The Cria yarn is divine and I need some of that in my life ... just saying. The F.O. will be fabulous.

Thanks for popping by my e-spot yesterday ... hugs to you re the job situation. Trust that things will get better e-friend.

Emily said...

I join the others in my love your purple cardi!


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