Saturday, 27 August 2011


Been a bit bad on the blogging front so looking through the photos I've taken I thought I would share! Not a day goes by when I don't take a photo!

So last Saturday I made a giant journey to London

- bus to station-8am

Leeds to Nottingham 9am

So knitting on the train

Notts station to meet Sally, then car journey 11am

Rainy journey being stuck on the M25!

Lots of knitting done and good company so not all bad lol

5pm arrive at wedding yay!!!

Sunday - photo shoot

Very pregnant Laura

Then journey back

My fave

Sunny ride home

Notts to Leeds

Leeds Leeds leeds


Wedding budgeting is scary work!

Tuesday food shop!

Wednesday was pick a mix day at work


Launch night at BRE

Noodles with my Sis

Friday rainy walk to work

Left over noodles for lunch

Quick Starbucks, Nicola thinks the UK is cold hence the coat

New pattern purchased

A long wait for a bus home!

Tea at Pizza Express!

Saturday Hungry Bunnies

& now we are heading home home for a welcome home party!

Busy 7days thankfully bank holiday!!!!!

Hope u have a good one


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faith76 said...

Wow what a busy week! Glad you found a little bit of sunshine :)

Leah x

Jenny said...

I know *exactly* what you mean about wedding budgets. *FULL sympathy*

Looks like an awesome well packed week. Hope you enjoyed it :)

Libby said...

Lots of great photos which reflect a fun, busy time.



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