Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Catch up, yet again!

Hi there! Wow what a weekend, I am slowly recovering (or not) from a awesome weekend down in London with my Southern gal pals (photos to follow)

But first i must show you some photos, the other week we got a new sofa

We moved our 'old' one over here and put the new one in the best spot

Yes it is as comfy as it looks, its like cord but squishy and although the foot rest was naughty we completely love it yum!

So its looking pretty colourful at home! 

So this is my mam and my sister at Heathrow, its a mighty long way from the North East to London but they went and they got her!

I decorated her room with some photos of her auzzie friends

and squeezed in a quick visit with Elijah, i love how he walks, a bit bow legged still at the minute

So nicky finally got to open the present i got her for her birthday

oh yes and what my family got her

yes we did spend the whole weekend teaching her how to use it, but it was fun!

So there you go a quick catch up, im aiming to do WIP wednesday tomorrow but we shall see. I have been working with my latest Sarah's Cards kit which is yummy and trying to get all my work in.

So right i best go and have some dinner, seriously how long does food shopping take!

Talk soon

Rach xx


Sharondoubleknit said...

Nicola, I miss you :(

Sharondoubleknit said...

I miss you Nicola.

Nicola said...

Sharondoubleknit, I bet I miss you more!


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