Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tale of woe

This has been a shocking knitting week! Everything i have touched has gone wrong

Sunday I did a good chunk only to notice about 10pm it looks wrong!

So I took something different on bus (peacock shrug) did that wrong too, had to fix it at lunch!

Get home and fix last nights work

Spent 2 hours fixing it and put it to one side & picked my peacock shrug up and merrily went on my way!

Until this morning when I looked at what i had knit (the right side) compared to the left side

Yep that's right despite following the right and left instructions I still did it wrong!
I haven't got the heart to frog it yet!

So feeling a bit stressed about it all I assume it's coz I'm rushing!

And the reason I am rushing is I want to do finish something/ anything in time for the Ysolda event tomorrow!

So I want to swatch something for tomorrow, but the wool I needed too needed frogging!

I made/designed some seriously cute socks but would they fit? Would they hell! So today I bit the bullet!

Sad times! I'm not sure I will ever get around to re doing this super cute socks but one today I will have one of these

Sorry wrong way round!

I'm super excited about the event tomorrow! The thought of a half day from work is joy to my ears!!

So I'm off to do my swatch!

Oh I am aware I've blogged twice but the last one was scheduled and this was random!!

Rach x

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