Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hi guys, I thought i would swing by and show you a few photos of my weekend as it was a good one, (some are just better than others right?) 

I think I mentioned by godson was visiting, Elijah turned one last tuesday!

I made him the seriously cute Owlet jumper just like mine, fab pattern and great for kids

this is my best bet at a photo of him in it.

i didnt do buttons as i thought he might pull them off and it takes ages lol

We got him a slide for his birthday which seemed to go down well!

Then we went over to Tropical World and slightly melted half to death

we had to strip him to his vest, now i know its called Tropical World but seriously, i thought i was gonna die, i do not like being hot!

it even steamed my lens up which makes for a cool photo but still

cutest photo ever?

or is it this one?

This is Olly the Octopus, Rob used to go and see him when he was little, each time we have been to TW we have a photo of Rob next to it lol, but he doesnt sing his little song now (olly not rob).

He got sleepy as we walked round the park, and yes that is the blanket i made him and yes it makes me stupid proud that he loves it lol

He woke up a bit to do some wedding planning later.

We also asked Elijah to be our page boy and he (his mam) said yes yippee he will be 2yrs 2 mths so should be fun.

Sunday was gorgeous wasnt it?

We started the day at a familiar old place

Blooming B&Q lol

then some yummy Asda pizza in the garden

then Rob got his mate Millie to help him with the fence.

I bought a new app too now i have a fancy iphone 4, its called Photobooth which im sure isnt very new to you but it is to me, so i caught some snapshots of the day

Can you see them? i have no clue how to print these but they are cute like this.

So this weekend i have the whole weekend to myself, rob is on a camping trip, i get some much more done when hes not here (in the nicest most loving way) so im planning more time sorting my room and naturally knitting.

Speaking of which i am beyond excited to be going on a workshop with the Fab Ysolda Teague tomorrow, i have been having 30 mins lunches so i can leave early on thursday and i am very excited.

Right best dash, much to do

rach xx
p.s if anyone knows how to print them pics or a bit of colour be great, let me know

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Claire said...

WOuld love to know how to print the pics from photoboth so if you ever find out, let us know!!! Cute pics of Elijah! x


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