Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ysolda in the city!

Well I've just got back from a awesome time at Baa Ram Ewe ( my favouritest wool shop), I had a great workshop with the lovely Ysolda author of little Red in the City ( hence the title)! If you knit and don't have this book

-Then you should get it!

So we had a 2 hour work shop where we talked sizes, substituting yarns, the importance of swatching etc

We took each others measurements ( yes this was kinda scary)
Then we tried on all of her lovely samples

This is the one I am making first, i learnt this size is too small yet prob would have been the one I would have knit!

The best thing ( well one of) about this book is the sizes go up to a 60 bust!!

I learnt this is the same size as the red one but was too big weird! This is 3rd in the list!

This is Cria and 2nd on my list

We had a bit more info

Some geeky photos together then our workshop was done!

A few of Us went to the noodle bar next door for some tea

Yum! U get to pick what u want, so I said noodles and meat only! I quite nearly popped afterwards!

After dinner we headed back to the shop for the 'public' q&a session! It was packed as ever, these events are so popular

There was a little fashion show

I tried a few more designs

This is the Cria with long sleeves, need to think which I rather

Look how many there were

The shop display was fab!

And we even had time for a group photo with some of my knit night friends

I've finally cooled off after a hot evening then getting caught in the rain and planning on some mindless easy knitting before a early (ish) night!

Awesome awesome day and best of all it's Friday tomorrow!!

Yay! Thanks for stopping by
Rach xx

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Heather said...

Yay glad you had fun! I think it looks best with long sleeves :-)

OH and I heard a FAB tip about buttons the other day: Sew the buttons on the outside, but don't make button holes: use press studs instead! Saves your button holes going baggy and you don't need to worry about making the button holes the right size as the buttons are just for show.

jennifer said...

Looks like lots of fun! Cool you get to try on samples. I like the short sleeve cria. You must have a long 'want to knit' list!

Claireliz said...

Looks like you had fun, I like the long sleeved Cria, but I'm always cold lol, I'd say knit one of each :D


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