Friday, 8 July 2011


Hi gang, everyone get wet today? serious crazy weather, its raining but too hot for a jacket.

So i am here today to show you my latest finished object, this is the Moch Cardi  its a really nice knit the SS was dull but thats to be expected.

My photos arent great, no full front on ones but you get the idea

This photo is the best one and the truest colour

love my fancy buttons

bit of lace

So i used Jarol Ltd Heritage DK I did the 35' and i used 3 balls plus 4 rows (yes i was very mad)

I have also finished a baby vest, i am going to a twin baby shower tomorrow (v excited)

I have a bit of a sad tail to tell about these vests, i finished this one started another and did it wrong, i knew i did it wrong but somehow thought 8 whole stitches wouldnt matter, turns out they do!

So i am now on my 3rd, thats right i finished the wrong one before i thought no i cant give her that, i actually had to confer with my knit night grp im just lazy lol

So now frantically trying to get another one done! Help

I have used Stylecraft because it is lush and the colours are awesome and who wants hand wash only baby items? i know i wouldnt, i dont want hand wash adult items lol

I love love my buttons which i got at woolfest.

the pattern is this one, baby t-shirt vest

So there you have it, what have you finished this week? Lots of finished objects on Tami's blog (funnily enough) 

i will go back and comment as soon as i have finished this vest, had a driving lesson, had a baby shower and gone to an engagement party, tomorrow is going to be busy.

Right im super hungry so off to make dinner and then finish this blooming vest and be glad i dont have to go to work tomorrow.

take care

rach xx


Sandy said...

Your buttons really finish off your items nicely. The sweater looks great.

Affiknitty said...

Wow you finished the lace yoke of the cardi very quickly after posting it on Wednesday! And it came out beautifully! I like the little owl buttons too.

RugbyMad said...

Beautiful yarn, beautiful patterns, beautiful bottons! Just beautiful

Nicola said...

Both are brilliant! Love both buttons too x

Northern Monkey said...

Your cardigan looks great and the buttons really finish it off. Love the little owl buttons on the baby vest as well.

Claireliz said...

They're lovely Rach, very pretty cardi.


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